4 Reasons ‘Oregon Trail’ Was A Horror Game (Redux)

Oregon Trail

Last week I received a message on Facebook telling me that Cracked may have “borrowed” some ideas from one of our earlier articles– specifically one of our posts from 2014, that looks kind of similar to a Cracked article from 2015 …if you squint at it sideways and cough.

To answer, I genuinely believe this was a coincidence. Hell, do a google search for “Oregon Trail 2015” and you’ll find dozens of play-it-again nostalgia think pieces, ranging from major websites to smallish blogs. This is just a case of parallel thinking–when the internet as a whole turns to look in the rear view mirror. Unlike that fucking Reddit thread I keep getting linked to in reference to an earlier post of ours.

But because someone reminded us of fond times in gaming, and this was a fun article from yesteryear, here’s another look at why the Oregon Trail was secretly a horror game.

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Accidental Game-Changing Moments (Screenshots)


Last week I asked friends, readers, and fellow gamers on Steam to send me some of their most profound screenshots– moments that added depth to the game not because it was scripted to be deep, but because of the chaotic nature and subtlety of our most nascent mass-media art form. Here are some of the results. Continue reading

Submit Your Epic Screenshot


It’s that moment in-game when the scene, dialogue, and characters all come together– transformed into something larger than the sum of its parts. It’s the moment that makes you gasp, cringe, widen your eyes. And we want you to share it with us.

Next week on Statbonus.com we’ll be posting epic screenshots taken by readers and fellow game enthusiasts. Here’s what we’re looking for:

Screenshot: Either a .JPG or .BMP (800 x 600 or larger) of a truly awe-inspiring moment. Something that added to the game’s depth. An awe-inspiring shot that made you feel like you were witnessing an event others might miss, possibly a random encounter or unscripted incident.

Context: Include a brief description of the events that led up to the scene you’ve captured. A few paragraphs will suffice. Try to come in under 100 words. Note: this will be edited for grammar and punctuation only.

Name or Email: You can include a name, pseudonym, email, or a link to your blog. Or if you prefer to remain anonymous, that’s find too. We just want you to get credit for your unique game moment.

The deadline for this will be midnight on February 27th, Pacific time. Send submissions to Joerevelator@gmail.com

Featured image from Skyrim/SkyrimWiki.

Bioshock Infinite and Quantum Suicide (Redux)

Bioshock Inifinite has already been discussed in detail by my peers, with better flare and style than I can muster. So for my small, humble part of this discussion, I will be focusing on the extreme turnaround a character like Booker DeWitt would have to experience to become, well… what he becomes.

I originally posted this on The Inquisitive Loon, but I decided to take another look at my rundown of how the Quantum Suicide thought experiment could apply to a video game– a game which tries to explain multiverse theory with light-houses. Needless to say, I may never fully hammer out my breakdown of quantum theory, but I believe it deserves another go-around.


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