Skyrim Body Saw

Hello reader. I apologize for those of you who check back every week, only to find that I haven’t put up any new fan theories or strange stories over the past few weeks. I’ve been working hard on some new content and ideas for a new website format devoted to plot deconstruction in movies and games.

Oh, and this… I’ve also been wasting a lot of time on this…

Check back for updates on the new website. We’ll announce it here when we launch.


Enhancing Your Relpay Value – Homerules for Skyrim, Red-Dead, GTA

Google Images / Skyrim: Dawnguard

Google Images / Skyrim: Dawnguard

Note: This is article 5 of 6 we’re featuring from frequent guest and contributor, J, from You may also recognize this as the source for our “Play Like A Cowardly Viking” Skyrim special play-through. Please enjoy.

So you’ve played 1,000 hours past your favorite title’s content. You’ve exhausted every quest line, every side mission, every combination of character build. You’ve exploited every cheat code, looted every hidden level, and acquired every inane achievement. And yet it will be months, years even, before the next great title hits the shelves– I’m looking at you Elder Scrolls VI. Continue reading

Skyrim Special Edition – Play Like A Cowardly Viking


Last week PC gamers who already owned Skyrim and its DLC’s were given a free copy of Skyrim SE. Why? Because PC gamers are the Millennials of gaming; we don’t fight our own battles about who has the “best console” but we do expect to be rewarded when the conflict results in content.

Editor’s Note: None of that last statement is true. Like, any of it.

Anyway, a free game is a free game, even if Continue reading

5 Reasons “Going Epic” Can Ruin Your Game

Your gaming group has seen it all. They’ve slain more Orcs than Aragorn on a bender. They’ve thrashed more demons than your average ICP concert. And they’ve laid with more elf wenches than…well, Aragorn. What’s left to throw at your party, when it feels like every adventure is a re-tread? How do you keep your players involved? What more could you ask of the stoic, chisel-jawed men around your gaming table, quietly brooding in a sea of mystery and depth?

-- Google Images/LOTR Wiki

— Google Images/LOTR Wiki

Forgive us, it’s opposite day.

If you’re anything like me the quests you write will escalate in danger and importance, slowly climbing the mountain of epic, until the party is eating ancient monsters for breakfast and shitting legend. Their equipment is so expensive that one character could stabilize Middle Earth’s economy by dying abruptly in a national bank. And the monsters that can actually scare the party could only be described as “so rare they were only added to the bestiary on a dare.” Continue reading

5 Great Fan Made Music Videos (Based on Video Games)


Sure, it’s pretty awesome when a new game trailer comes out. Especially when it’s 100% hard beats and gun-fighting, demon-slaying, liver-exploding asskickery. Every Borderlands trailer has contained twice as much mad road-ragin’ rampage as a Mad Max movie. And some of the first Gears of War trailers were downright haunting. But what about power ballads dedicated to hunting darkspawn? Or rappers laying down rhymes about Minecraft Creepers and obscure Fallout characters? Well, for those, we have some amazing amateur videos to fill  the gaps… Continue reading