The Big Sexy Scratchbuild Kitbash Double Feature (Weapon Master & Ice Golems)

Today we’re getting back to the roots of this blog. Dungeons and Dragons. Specifically the gluey, messy, break-the-bank and bash-the-kit kind of Dungeons and Dragons. First up: The Ice Golem Army. This requires acrylic fish rocks, superglue, lightweight insulation foam, and some acrylic paint. Continue reading


D&D Prop – The Mad Grimoire (WIP)


In mythology, fantasy, or D&D, the allure of forbidden knowledge is rife with possibility. Tell someone they can’t look inside the box or push the mysterious red button, and they’re on it like stink on rice. Well, here’s an easy way to port that nagging curiosity into your game while simultaneously tricking your players into absorbing some world lore: The Mad Grimoire

Continue reading

Portable Tabletop Walls


In the eternal struggle between quality of set-pieces on the gaming board, and the amount of shit I’m willing to drag to the gaming shop (or virginal basement dwelling), it has often been my instinct to err on the side of portability. In prior posts I’ve talked about constructing compact buildings for ease of transportation. Some weeks ago I got the notion to scratch-build walls to match the “nesting houses”, in a way that would both conserve space and blend in with the paint scheme.

So today I present to you my adventures with foamcore, lacquer, and refrigerator pranks. Continue reading

Nesting Houses: Part 2


Part 1 of this post detailed the construction of the foamcore houses, carving the brick facade, and painting the exterior. This segment will cover the interior of the houses. I’ll demonstrate how to stain masking tape with lacquer and finish, and how to scratch-build some of the furniture I used inside. Continue reading