5 Realistic Ways To Roleplay An Alcoholic Character


If I ask you to pretend to be drunk right now, you might try stumbling around the room like a marionette with half its strings cut. Or you might emulate the inebriate’s native language; the slow-drawl moist-lipped slur. Or, if you’re especially imaginative, you might act confused, like a geriatric with dementia waiting to be wheeled back into your room. These are the common signs of intoxication the media has embedded in our minds. These are the behaviors players will adopt if they check the “alcoholic” box on their character sheet’s list of flaws. And, without exception, these are wrong. Continue reading


5 Ways to Rescue Your Dungeon Master

ModularDungeon Masters (AKA Game Moderators) aren’t born, they are made. Tempered in the fires of Flaming Hot Cheetos and caffeine. Forged by +1 Warhammers wielded by fellow geeks. It takes years of tabletop battles before a DM can act as Pied Piper for veteran gamers. Inexperienced DM’s, new to running RPG’s, may throw up their hands in frustration and walk away from seasoned groups before earning their D20 spurs; joining less experienced groups where they feel comfortable, or giving up gaming altogether.

Nonsense, I say. Newbie DM’s make perfectly good moderators for older, jaded players. They bring fresh eyes, new ideas, and a wonton disregard for crunchy rule systems. All they need is a little encouragement, some time to learn the game, and a helpful player who’s willing to rein in the frolicking jackalopes sabotaging the game with their petty disputes. Continue reading