Retired Obi-Wan (Fan Theory Update!)


Hey everyone, one of our favorite ridiculous fan theories got featured on, with a few updates and an open comment section. If you wanna join the hate-train or re-read why Obi-Wan took up murder as his #1 retirement hobby, you can check it out here!

Retired Obi-Wan Was A Killing Machine (A Fan Theory)

If we assume the prequels are canon (even Jar Jar) then Obi-Wan’s mental journey makes a sharp left turn into psychopathsville when we dwell on what he was up to alone in his hut for 20 years.

BensHut_interiorThat’s not plaster on the walls.

I mean, aside from stalking young Luke and waiting for the empire to get bored and glass Vader’s old haunt, what keeps Obi-Wan sane? Those walls above look pretty bare, and the furniture is spartan at best. So what was that old crank up to? Tetris? Sudoku? Or, waging a single-man war against the planet’s natives, eventually reducing them to a shadow population of their former glory? Does that last one sound like a bit of a stretch? Let me explain. But first, a warning.

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