Engines of Sephione – Excerpt



As a member of Willamette Writers (Portland Oregon) I recently entered an excerpt from one of my stories into the Kay Snow writing competition. Last week I received an email informing me I placed second in the contest, and would be dining (read: drinking) at the Willamette Writers awards banquet. My plan is to maintain full, uncomfortable eye-contact with whoever placed first during the entire procession.

My narcissism aside, below is the 2,500-word mess that won second place. A warning though. This is not my usual wit and satire. It’s a chapter from an urban fantasy novel I am in the process of editing. It’s dark, crazy, and will probably be used against me as evidence when I’m committed to an asylum.

Update – May 2016: I’m currently looking for Beta Readers to test-drive my completed (for now) novel. If you like the excerpt below then please contact me for the full novel at Joerevelator@gmail.com. I only ask that you note anything that does or doesn’t work for you as a reader. Thanks, and enjoy!

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