3 Word Plot Synopsys


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Wait, has he become what he always hated? Is he…Mr Glass?

A few of us were having lunch at St Vincent’s hospital the other day. Not because we were sick or visiting our Gram-Grams, but because the hospital’s salad bar is amazing.

While we were cackling and enjoying our chef salads, which resembled pyramids of bacon and cheese with lettuce sprigs entombed below, one of the contributors to Statbonus.com tried to describe a movie while laughing, chewing, and choking at the same time. He ended up fumbling after three words, and promptly died. Or just coughed a lot. Things get blurry when you drink at hospitals.

Ugh…dinosaurs…uh *cough* hmm…prison break…

To which we answered “Jurassic Park?

And a new and glorious game was born.

There is no score. There are no points. And unlike Drew Carry, this game is actually fun. It’s the pop-culture nerd equivalent of “I spy with my little eye.” Except this goes a bit more like “I’m about to vomit three words at random to describe a movie without using the title, character, or actor names, and you assholes have to guess it.”

It’s sometimes more challenging for the person giving the three-word clue than it is for the people guessing. Here are a few examples we came up with:

Shrimp’n boat captain.

Motorcycle skyscraper jump.

Panda hooker murderer.

Vent-crawling cop.

Bloody volley ball.

Space Vietnam-war.

And the answers, for those of you who like to feel superior about your pop-culture savvy are (in order) as follows:

Forrest Gump

True Lies

Tropic Thunder

Die Hard



I’m not saying it’s the best road-trip game ever invented. Maybe not even the fifth best. But the Lord can strike me down if it’s not in the top ten, and it’s wayyy better than that pretentious 6-word-story nonsense Hemmingway pulled out of his ass. Which, consequently, is why those baby shoes were never worn. Something about the legality of reselling soiled shoes. But hey, if you’re into shoes… I mean, who isn’t right? Right?

Sorry, I lost track of time for a moment. Anyway, Hemmingway would have been aces at this game, is what I’m saying.

Featured image from Google Images

Game concept originally posted at Masksofmonsters


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