5 Great Fan Made Music Videos (Based on Video Games)


Sure, it’s pretty awesome when a new game trailer comes out. Especially when it’s 100% hard beats and gun-fighting, demon-slaying, liver-exploding asskickery. Every Borderlands trailer has contained twice as much mad road-ragin’ rampage as a Mad Max movie. And some of the first Gears of War trailers were downright haunting. But what about power ballads dedicated to hunting darkspawn? Or rappers laying down rhymes about Minecraft Creepers and obscure Fallout characters? Well, for those, we have some amazing amateur videos to fill  the gaps…

Dragon Age Inquisition (All As One)

By Miracle of Sound

Miracle of Sound has always been a bit too mellow rock Nickleback-lite for me, but the skill and professionalism  of his videos can’t be denied. And Dragon Age – All As One hits more of an older Ballad-Rock stride, making it another great offering by the Escapist.

League of Legends (Dubstep Mix)

By Yabossobay of Newgrounds

The only sad part about any League of Legends music video is it invariably features the top-down in-game action that looks confusing as balls to anyone who hasn’t invested 100 hours into LoL. It’s riveting for players, and fireworks and flashy lights to everyone else. Still, the mellow marching dubstep combined with audio from the actual game earns it a thumbs-up.

Skyrim (Epic Violin)

By Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens

At 46 million views I’m pretty sure everyone has seen this. In fact, I was tempted to leave it off the list entirely. I’m not sure anything by Lindsey Stirling since ‘that talent show’ could be considered fan made. But I can’t deny that some serious talent and cosplay went into this video. So if you’re the only gamer who hasn’t seen it yet, check it out.

Red Dead (Rap)

By Dan Bull

Dan Bull has done a lot of game raps. Enough that searching for him on Youtube turns up best-of Dan Bull playlists that don’t cover half his videos. The only explanation for this rapping British geek and the sheer volume of material on his channel, is that he stands behind game developers as they work on upcoming titles, stringing rhymes together, and the programmers just code whatever comes out of his head.

Fallout 3 (Wazer Wifle!)

By Open Minded music and  Caedo Genesis.

This. This is just…beautiful.

This video combines my favorite things in life. Electro-swing. Fallout 3. And melting motherfuckers with red hot laser vengeance. I don’t care that Stirling’s Skyrim video has more views than the Star Wars Kid. Wazer Wifle Rap gets first prize.

Every. Damn. Time.



2 thoughts on “5 Great Fan Made Music Videos (Based on Video Games)

    • I thought about it. She is crazy talented, but most of her videos aren’t accompanied with animated footage. If you haven’t heard it yet, she does the absolute best version of Rains of Castamere on youtube.

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