Design Flaw – Blade Runner



4 thoughts on “Design Flaw – Blade Runner

  1. To be fair, I think the only one with above average intelligence was the soldier. Of course, if I had to choose between the slave miner, the slave hooker and the slave soldier to be gifted with above average intelligence the soldier wouldn’t be my first choice!

  2. 1. As above, only the Soldier was truly exceptional regarding IQ.

    2. They were all supposed to be kept in controlled areas where the threat of an uprising was lessened because they were busy doing what they were designed for.

    3. If they only had 5 active years of life, and they were working all that time they wouldn’t think about updrising before they were used up (theoretically)

  3. Ah, true. Given how ‘advanced’ the Tyrell Corporation was making the new nexus models though (ie, able to fool the Voight Kampff test) I wonder bad it would have gotten had not Tyrell himself had his eyes gouged out.

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