Litches and Witches Session 10


Welcome to Session 10, where the party must venture into the Den of Serpents or brave the ravages of the desert without supplies or vehicle. (Spoiler: The party picked the Den)

As OP-Rob put it:

“I was informed by our illustrious DM that I was, in fact, a soul trapped within this golem and was therefore sentient. The wizard that owned me and the bar wanted a magic artifact he’d gotten wind was inside the [rift] the party had breached last game, and was sending me in after it.

It was with this in mind that I agreed to a request by the psychopath wizard (Character: Hyun) by way of notes– the sort a kindergartner might pass to a classmate to give to another classmate, assuming the one classmate was the summoned soul of a ritualistically sacrificed Gnome, and the other was a 9-foot tall animated statue with a soul trapped within.

Hyun offered me gold if I would accompany him to help him retrieve the artifact I was already after, though he had no way of knowing the second we reached it I would snatch it from him like a mother from a small child who grabbed a pair of scissors. The really odd thing, however, was the part where we were joined on our adventure by the two patrons at the bar.”

Of course this adventure caps off a 3-part module, with an epic fight at the end. You can check it all out here at our Obsidian Portal page.

LW Session10_02Sure, just teleport up the cliff like it’s nothing. Let the golem climb like an asshole.


2 thoughts on “Litches and Witches Session 10

  1. Love the terrain piece you did for this session. How did you paint the styrofoam black without it corroding the foam? Brushes?

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