Litches and Witches Sessions 8 & 9

ModularOver the holidays I ran a few filler games with Xenomorphs in a giant junkyard. Session 9 also involved the death of one of our core characters. As Rob put it:

“…everything was literally as good as it could have gotten. Best case scenario had been achieved. The party had not only engaged but won against a small army of Orcs and Kobolds that they had had no real reason to engage nor right to win against, and had taken over a full sized massive slaving ship to call their very own, which was full of rations, water, and supplies. Things could not have gotten any better…

And of course that’s when everything went to the absolute worst case scenario…

…everyone failed as spectacularly as circus high-wire show accident. [And that] was merely the reflex save to avoid the shrapnel. After the initial damage from that, the ship began to explode as either the shrapnel had ripped out vital fuel lines, or the trap itself had triggered a destruction mechanism.”

If you want to read which of the characters bonded with a mountain of molten iron, T-800 style, you can check out my players’ recap here.



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