The Real Zoidberg



He watched his last crew die in a horrible accident. The strain was too much. He couldn’t hack it. Something inside him…snapped.


Then the company hired some new fish. A plucky young kid from the past who walked blindly into danger. A vicious cyclops with a big chip on her shoulder. And a suicidal robot who drank on the job. Zoidberg knew they didn’t stand a chance.


Was it the Doc’s fault they kept getting hurt? Was it his problem they couldn’t make a simple delivery? No.

futurama_pipe_01All the same though, they come to him when they’re suffering.

Now he’s facing prejudice and temptation. Now, his mind is gone. Not quite ready to end it all, but not ready to crawl out of his guilt yet.

What’s a crustacean to do?

You can check out my article about the real messages behind Futurama here.


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