Litches and Witches: Session 7


Wow, we’re already on game 7 in our grid-less Pathfinder campaign. See how things wrap up in our third and final installment of the Fizzleclank module here, at Litches and Witches.

A quote from my recounting as Bosq, the surly arcane-racist knight:

As a great man once said: “Speak softly, and carry a big magi-phase orb charged with unholy arcane powers capable of immense annihilation for both the wielder and its victims.”

At least, I believe this is how the quote went. I may be wrong. In any case, our caster Hyun was compelled to charge up the magic orb now in his possession with a summon spell, and hurl it directly into the layline nearest the goblin party. The explosion was nothing short of spectacular, like a nuclear rat surrounded by fireworks.

This also marks my last game as a player. After this I’m back as DM.


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