Writing Excuses: RPG’s As Storytelling Tools

modular2I’ve always planned on writing an article about why I play tabletop roleplay games. Aside from the obvious reasons; that they’re fun, they force you to socialize, and they taught Vin Diesel how to act (read: mumble-growl).

More specifically, I was going to spill the beans to my gaming group how I’ve been using them like lab rats for years, play-testing magic systems, world economies, and character traits, all of which get refined later on down the road into honest-to-god literary tools.

Then, while surfing for episodes from one of my favorite podcasts, I found a 20-minute Q&A session about this very subject, by three authors whose opinions I greatly respect. So for all my fellow writers out there who are tired of explaining why they’re drawing dungeon maps instead of doing re-writes, or painting miniature space marines while they neglect their 1k word-a-day goal, this one’s for you…

Writing Excuses 4.5: Roleplaying Games as Tools for Story Telling

And while you’re listening to the podcast you might as well show a little love to the author by checking out his Mistborn series, or by visiting the archive pages and downloading some back-podcasts of Writing Excuses. Because it’s worth it, and it will make you a better writer.


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