Couple Defend Their In-Utero Trans Daughter


Jacob and Martha Tomlain-Greene have come forward publicly to defend the rights of children to choose which gender they identify with, starting with their own unborn daughter. The couple from Portland Oregon first became aware of their daughter’s gender identity issues after attending a seminar at their local learning annex.

It was an eye-opener!” The couple confided to reporters. “We looked at each other, and we knew, we hadn’t been fair to our…daughter? We never thought to ask; Hey, are you more comfortable as an undeveloped collection of boy cells or girl cells?

After a rash of CNN-related articles about preteens being given the right to identify with another gender, support groups have been cropping up for every age-bracket. Gender identity issues in the 3 to 12 week fetus minority have been especially overlooked, and parents of these In Utero children  have expressed shock and outrage, as they themselves are (without exception) outspoken supporters of equality and gender rights.


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