Rejected Avatars

I was recently convinced by a friend to sketch a custom avatar for blogging. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Deadpool avatar I have now, from the “Common Sense” meme. But if I want to be taken seriously (read: irreverently) I should have my own tiny portrait.

deadpoolcommonBelow I’ve included a few rejected sketches for avatars, which never made it past the inking stage for various reasons.

 Rejected Avatar #1) Behold, Gentlemen! (AKA the gentlemanly beholder)

004There’s really no excuse for this one. All I can say is after enough whiskey a grinning beholder wearing a smoking jacket and monocle with a tobacco pipe sounds like a fine idea for an avatar. Until you revisit the notion, and realize how insane that is…

Rejected Avatar #2) The Confident Hunter

002Anyone who saw last week’s comic will recognize this fellow. For a very brief time I considered using him as an avatar, but I thought having his scowling mug as my visual representation would either imply that:  a) I’m a meathead who has as much compunction over killing mother nature’s creatures as I do popping bubble wrap, or b) That I’m narcissist enough to believe I can cloak myself in the flesh of animals and still look menacing.

Rejected Avatar #3) The Two Faces of Deal With It

005On a blog where I go into great, agonizing, excruciating detail about the minutia of tabletop gaming and fiction writing, it would be very hard to pull off the dispassionate swagger that a two-headed ogre of not giving a fuck implies.

It is for these reasons that I have rejected my early avatar ideas for the one I am currently painting, and will be posting up soon. Until then, keep gaming!


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