4 Youtube Videos To Restore Your Faith In Pranking


Pranking is a fine art which many people get wrong. Ask a college-age frat boy and he’ll tell you that pranking involves liquor and physical props, like shaving cream, Sharpie markers, and dentistry tools (probably). Ask the younger generation of guys and they won’t know what you’re talking about, because it’s called “Trolling” now, and it’s done from the safety of one’s own computer desk behind several old pizza boxes, a dozen proxies, and a secured router.

I argue that pranks can be as subtle as altering someone’s idiotic YouTube  video and re-uploading it, possibly with a new soundtrack, like these fine specimens…


1) Jehovah Wants The Deaf To Stop Pleasuring Themselves


As I understand it, a large part of communicating in sign-language is in the emotional expressiveness of the signer. Which makes it especially hilarious when a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses in business suits must accurately portray the faces of youngsters who are going to town on themselves, to convince the deaf children in their flock that masturbation is a sin against god. Oh, and the prank? Someone dubbed in 50 Cent’s In Da Club.


2) Rooster Has A  Slipknot-esque Voice


This next video defies explanation. It’s easier if you just watch the rooster, and imagine that all Speed Metal and Death Metal will sound like this when you get older.


3) Magician Is Either A Genius, Or A Royal Asshole


Judging by the 13 million views on YouTube I may not need to tell you that this is a thing. Yes, there is a magician diabolical enough to fool dogs into thinking the delicious treat he was about to give them has just slipped into the æther. If you look close enough, you can see the spark go out of this German Shepherd’s eye, as his trust in his human brethren is lost forever.


4) John Cena Needs Your Support


I try not to give too much credit to morning zoo radio stations. The DJ’s are usually adult children with a large captive audience. They could make a real change in the world if they wanted, sending out a positive message to those poor souls stuck in rush-hour traffic. But with radio ratings the way they are, most shock-jocks spend their time on toilet humor, or making call-in contestants do shameful things over the phone for nosebleed concert tickets they’re too cheap to buy.

That aside, I laugh my ass off every time I hear “Is Champ there?”


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