Sci-Fi Fantasy Draft (A short tabletop game)


In an effort to not fall asleep at work, I ended up inventing a game with a workmate. It’s a Sci-Fi Fantasy Draft, and the rules go like this:

Each player picks a crew of 8. These are primarily your bridge/officer crew, and must be drafted from at least 3 different Sci-Fi shows or series (I.E:  must have been on for at least a full season) They may also be drafted from the same story universe. So one crew could be made up of all Star Trek characters, but taken from different shows like Enterprise, Voyager, and Deep Space 9. They could also be from 8 different series entirely, composed of crewmen from Farscape, Star Trek, TNG, DS-9, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Terra Nova, Star Gate, or any other series.

The players make their crew lists in private, and reveal them when everyone is finished. The positions are:

Captain, First Mate, Helmsman/pilot, Chief of Security, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Science Officer, Chief Engineer, and Communications Officer.

If during the reveal two players have selected the same crewman, a coin is flipped. Loser chooses a new crewman.

After the crew reveal, everyone picks a ship from a Sci-Fi series. They also pick what their new Sci-Fi “show” will be called. Each player also selects which crew Officer they would prefer to serve under, if they theoretically had a year’s experience at their post prior.


Next there is a “Captain Swap”, during which it’s declared that each player’s initial captain pick can’t make it aboard, and all players re-select from Movie Sci-Fi captains. If a captain has made a cross-over from series into movies, they may be selected. But a player cannot keep the same captain. Example: If I pick Picard from TNG series, I cannot re-select Movie Picard during the captain-swap.

Last step: the poison pill character.

Each player is given one last-minute replacement to their crew. The other players select who it will be. It cannot be the officer the player elected to serve under. This crew member will be a “negative” in most situations, either by being inept, accident prone, an ill-fit to the crew, or actively undermining the crew’s best intentions. Such as Gaius Baltar from the new Battlestar Galactica, or the cowardly Smith from Lost in Space.

There’s no point-scoring. There’s no right answer. Good luck, and have fun.



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