Worldwide Aeros Corporation Makes Terran Command Center a Reality


Worldwide Aeros Corporation is seeking funding for its ML866, a rigid airship capable of lifting 66 tons of payload. They also have designs for the ML868  which can sling 250 tons into the sky, and the ML86X, which could theoretically haul 500 tons of material into the wild blue yonder. Considering the potential complications that could occur while flying  with the equivalent of a dozen humpback whales, it can be generally agreed upon by everyone that 500 tons of anything falling on you would ruin your day, be it maple syrup, fertilizer, or silicon duplicates of Ron Jeremy’s yardstick.

1980 Ford Pinto Brochure 01With the advent of turning rigid airships into improbable semi-trucks, or lighter-than-air ships that make zeppelins look like Ford Pintos, Aeros might be closer than any other corporation on earth to accomplishing a long-standing culture-spanning dream: lifting off to avoid the Zerg Rush.


This is the next American war.


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