Redshirt Security – Your Life, Our Promise


With Redshirt Security, You can rest assured that your property, assets, and personal safety come first. Our professional security staff always operate with our highest ideals in mind. By choosing Redshirt Security,  our officers will:

  • Always check on spooky noises, alone or in pairs.
  • Confront any dangers with a confident, forward attitude.
  • Act as a barrier between you and any dangerous objects/projectiles.
  • Scale ladders, scaffolding, and catwalks without rope or harness.
  • Occupy a potentially combustible terminal during a battle/engagement.
  • Inspect alien life forms without waiting on a pesky lab analysis.
  • Sample foreign/alien food or drink before you consume them.
  • Test potentially faulty machinery or transporters.
  • Operate vehicles that are yet unproven, or have been damage in the field.


With Redshirt Security, your safety is paramount, even over our own. Redshirt Security – Your Life, Our Promise.


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