New Study Asks How Cats Feel About Cat Memes


By using advanced technology and through the patience of volunteer workers and their pets, the Marine Sciences Center of Montana has uncovered a startling fact about cats. They don’t appreciate the memes.


The owner of “Grumpy Cat” may be the only crazy cat lady on earth who can talk about her cat, and people actually listen.

By way of functional MRI scans, brainwave models, and hours of napping under solar lamps and medical sensors, research scientists have determined that cats, when shown images of Grumpy Cat, Serious Cat, and stuff being placed on cats, that the domestic felines had little or no interest in humorous attempts to humiliate their kin. Results were met with varying degrees of disinterest and hostility.


“I suffered several scratches and bites.” One researcher said on camera. “But that was with the control group, who were shown no meme images at all. We just fed them and scanned them. They didn’t tolerate the functional MRI. At all.”



Medics were on hand  at all times to treat scratch-related incidents, and took photos of various cats wearing first-responder gear and bandages to be uploaded to facebook at a later date.



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