King Joffrey Announced as Permanent Character


Can’t get enough of the vicious boy-king? Ever wish you could have more Joffrey than the author originally intended? Well, you’re in luck. It was announced last week during a creative conference that Joffrey the mad king would become a permanent installment in the Game of Thrones franchise.


“We can’t get rid of Joffrey now.” One of the assistant directors was quoted as saying during the open forum. “Artistic license is an important factor in our decision. HBO has allowed us to re-imagine Game of Thrones as George R. R. Martin may or may not have originally intended–with a young, brutal king.”

When asked about the future of Joffrey’s character, the response we were given was; “We’ll just have to see how he [Joffrey] pans-out, since he won’t be poisoned like originally written. He’ll probably, I don’t know, rule all of middle-earth or something.”

This was later reiterated with; “He’s a kid with a crossbow. What’s not to like? Crossbows are friggin’ sweet!”

(Sidenote: This article is 100% made-up. The author is a mere mortal, and has never had contact with the creative talents who work on Game of Thrones.)


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